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The AI MetaChip NFT and Galaxian Guide are revolutionizing gaming in the MetaBlaze Universe. The AI MetaChip NFT collection offers 1,000 NFTs with unique blockchain and AI capabilities. The Galaxian Guide, powered by AI, is a virtual companion that enhances gaming experiences.

By acquiring specific NFT combinations, players can obtain the Galaxian Guide's assistance. It provides expert advice, puzzle solutions, real-time assistance, and boosts overall enjoyment. Don't miss out on the limited-time NFT bundle offer. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with the AI MetaChip NFT and Galaxian Guide today!


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The AI MetaChip NFT launched on June 27th, 2023. The NFT collection features 1,000 NFTs divided into two rarity types, Common (800) and Epic (200).

The AI MetaChip NFT is a unique digital asset that combines the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) with gaming experiences in the MetaBlaze Universe. The AI MetaChip also extends additional utility to pre-existing NFTs, such as MetaGoblins and MetaRoyals.

To bring artificial intelligence (A.I.) into gaming within the MetaBlaze Universe, players can acquire a virtual gaming companion known as the Galaxian Guide (GG). A.I. powers this companion and seamlessly integrates with MetaBlaze games. The Galaxian Guide possesses dynamic intelligence and language modeling abilities, enabling it to adapt and evolve in real-time.

The AI MetaChip and the AI-powered Galaxian Guide are dynamic duos like peanut butter and Jelly or Batman and Robin. They're inseparable! To truly grasp their awesomeness, you can't explore one without diving into the other. The AI MetaChip NFT and Galaxian Guide join forces to advance your gaming experience.

The Galaxian Guide is a gaming tool designed for the MetaBlaze Universe, much like Google, but with a twist. It has its own unique personality and is powered by artificial intelligence.”


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Image featuring the ‘common’ AI MetaChip NFT.


AI MetaChip NFT Utility

Standard game utility includes 24/7 access to the Galaxian Guide (GG), exclusive story content, and in-game advantages. Uncover hidden storylines, enjoy dynamic gameplay, and unlock additional benefits as an AI MetaChip holder.


Utility by Rarity:

Common AI MetaChip NFT (800)

  • GG answers 10 daily questions with expertise.
  • Unlock exclusive story content for hidden mysteries.
  • Get an IRL event pass for exclusive MetaBlaze events.
  • Tap into GG's knowledge with 10 daily answers.
  • Unravel hidden mysteries with exclusive story content.

Epic AI MetaChip NFT (200)

  • GG answers 20 daily questions with insights and guidance.
  • Uncover hidden depths with character-specific content.
  • Get early AI MetaChip upgrades for cutting-edge AI.
  • Beta test Galaxia Blue game before Q4 release.
  • VIP passes to immersive MetaBlaze IRL events.


What's the relationship between the AI MetaChip NFT & Galaxian Guide?

To help understand this, let's use cooking as an analogy. Just as a recipe requires specific ingredients to make a dish, obtaining the Galaxian Guide also requires following a 'recipe.' However, in this case, the recipe calls for ‘digital ingredients,’ and those ingredients are NFTs.


The Digital Ingredients

To obtain the Galaxian Guide, you need either one AI MetaChip NFT and three MetaGoblin NFTs or one AI MetaChip NFT and one MetaRoyal NFT. The outcome remains unchanged regardless of the "digital ingredients" used here. We have launched an NFT bundle that includes all the necessary digital components. It is available for purchase while supplies last for 0.09 ETH. 

As soon as you hold any of the listed NFTs and enter our Blaziverse Dapp (the access point to the gaming universe,) your on-chain NFTs, A.K.A., 'digital ingredients' will be acknowledged via the blockchain. This will automatically grant you access to GG, an AI-powered game companion.

Take advantage of this limited time offer and Mint your NFT Bundle Today.


Can players obtain more than one Galaxian Guide?

Absolutely! It's as easy as doubling the ingredients. If you want more than one Galaxian Guide by your side, just double the number of AI MetaChips and MetaGoblin NFTs mentioned earlier. For instance, having two AI MetaChips and six MetaGoblin NFTs will give you twice the power of GG, allowing you to ask even more questions daily. So go ahead, multiply your Galaxian Guides, and seek to dominate the galaxy!


What's the benefit of an AI-powered Game Companion?

Expert Advice and Crafting Assistance: The Galaxian Guide is there to lend a helping hand. With its A.I. capabilities, it can provide expert advice on game mechanics, strategies, and builds. Need assistance with crafting the perfect item? The Galaxian Guide can analyze your resources and guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize your materials and achieve optimal results.

Puzzle Solutions and Hidden Content: Many games feature intricate puzzles and hidden content, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay. However, sometimes these challenges can be daunting and leave players feeling stuck. The Galaxian Guide can provide solutions to puzzles, unlock hidden areas, and reveal valuable secrets. With its vast database of game knowledge, it can offer hints and guidance, allowing players to progress without getting frustrated and ensuring they get all the exciting content.

Real-Time Assistance in-Game: One of the most impressive features of the Galaxian Guide is its ability to provide real-time assistance during gameplay. Whether facing a challenge, at the crafting table or exploring a complex environment, the Galaxian Guide can analyze the situation and offer suggestions, tips, and strategies. Its lightning-fast processing power ensures that you receive assistance in the heat of the moment, helping you overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Enhanced Enjoyment and Engagement: By providing a wide range of support and assistance, the Galaxian Guide enhances the overall gaming experience, making it more enjoyable and engaging. Players no longer have to spend hours searching the internet for solutions or resorting to trial and error.


User interfacing displaying actions of an AI-powered chatbot, featuring the Galaxian Guide, an AI-driven in-game companion developed by MetaBlaze.
Image featuring the Galaxian Guide in action.


Don't have an AI MetaChip NFT? Get one today and level up your gaming experience with GG by your side. Dive into immersive storylines, exploration, crafting, and problem-solving. Elevate your gameplay with an AI companion and experience a new level of interactivity. Mint your AI MetaChip NFT today and embark on a revolution in gaming and beyond! Don't miss out on exclusive perks and real-life utility. Discover more in our latest blog post."

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