AI MetaChip NFT Drop: Join the Invasion on June 27th


The AI MetaChip NFT drop goes live Tuesday, June 27th. You can mint one for 0.07 ETH, but for a limited time, you can also mint a special bundle equipped with three MetaGoblins and one AI MetaChip NFT for only 0.09 ETH. Visit the Blaziverse Dapp to mint yours - Don't miss out - only 500 bundles are available! Continue reading for the full scoop.


An AI MetaChip NFT flying through Galaxia Blue. Developed by MetaBlaze
AI MetaChip incoming. Earth bound.


Embracing the Transformative Power of AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it's no secret that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has emerged as a driving force, facilitating a revolutionary worldwide transformation. Today, we stand to witness the unparalleled impact of AI technology as it reshapes industries, propels innovation, and unlocks boundless opportunities.

But what happens when we fuse AI's limitless potential with blockchain technology within the MetaBlaze Universe? The result? A cosmic collision of epic proportions, opening the gates to a world where technology and imagination converge in Web3.


AI in Galaxia Blue: First Galaxy in the MetaBlaze Universe


Without further ado, we are thrilled to announce the official release date of the AI MetaChip NFT collection: Tuesday, June 27th.

This innovative digital asset is a vital ingredient empowering "GG," the AI-powered and all-knowing Galaxian Guide. The Galactic integration unifies the realms of AI, blockchain, and gaming, creating a synergy that transcends time and space. 

The AI MetaChip NFT is the key to unlocking a new era of possibilities, where the Galaxian Guide becomes your in-game companion, guiding players in their quest to navigate and conquer the enigmatic challenges of Galaxia Blue in a ceaseless quest to dominate.


AI MetaChip NFT Collection (Gen 1 Max Supply: 1,000)

With an AI MetaChip NFT, you'll enjoy a range of perks, including 24/7 access to the Galaxian Guide (GG), exclusive story content, and in-game advantages. GG offers invaluable assistance, helps you uncover hidden storylines, and makes gameplay more dynamic.

Holders of the AI MetaChip NFT can also unlock additional benefits on top of these standard perks. The AI MetaChip is available in two forms and will be revealed to you after it is minted.


Common AI MetaChip (Supply: 800)


A user interface depicting an AI MetaChip NFT and Identifying its components
Common AI MetaChip Decoded.


  • GG will answer up to ten questions daily, tapping into its vast knowledge and expertise.
  • Gain exclusive access to story content that contains clues, allowing you to unravel hidden mysteries and deepen your understanding of the MetaBlaze universe.
  • Receive an IRL (In Real Life) event pass, granting you entry to exclusive MetaBlaze events where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the world of MetaBlaze beyond the digital realm.


Epic AI MetaChip (Supply: 200)


A user interface depicting an AI MetaChip NFT and Identifying its components
Epic AI MetaChip Decoded.


  • GG will answer up to twenty questions daily, providing unparalleled insights and guidance.
  • Uncover the hidden depths with exclusive access to character-specific content, immersing yourself in the captivating narratives of the MetaRoyal heroes.
  • Early access to AI MetaChip upgrades, ensuring you're equipped with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.
  • Early beta testing for the Galaxia Blue game before its Q4 release.
  • VIP passes to MetaBlaze IRL events. Experience the ultimate blend of the physical and digital worlds that transcend reality.


MetaGoblin x AI MetaChip NFT Bundle (Supply:500)

We are thrilled to introduce an NFT Bundle - combining three MetaGoblins and one AI MetaChip NFT. 500 bundles are available with a mint price of 0.09 ETH. By offering this bundle, MetaBlaze aims to create a more inclusive and accessible experience for aspiring players and new community members, reducing barriers to entry and inviting everyone to embark on their cosmic adventures with GG, the Galaxian Guide.


An image featuring 4 NFTs displayed over Galaxia Blue, the first Galaxy in the MetaBlaze Universe
Galactic Bundle Featuring 3 MetaGoblin NFTs & 1 AI MetaChip NFT


How to Unlock the Cosmic Gates to the Galaxian Guide

A combination of MetaBlaze digital assets is required to gain access to the GG. First and foremost, you'll need the all-new AI MetaChip NFT. The AI MetaChip is the main ingredient, infusing the power to unlock the Galaxian Guide's wisdom. You must also possess either 3 MetaGoblin NFTs or 1 MetaRoyal NFT, the cosmic keys that secure your connection to the Galaxian Guide.

The fusion of these digital assets grants you the privilege of unlocking the gates to the universal depths of the Galaxian Guide, empowering you to conquer the challenges in the vast and captivating MetaBlaze Universe.


Summon the Galaxian Guide:


User interfacing displaying actions of an AI-powered chatbot, featuring the Galaxian Guide, an AI-driven in-game companion developed by MetaBlaze.
The Galaxian Guide in Action


In the image provided, a player uses GG to enhance their crafting skills and solve a complex puzzle requiring a specific item. The player is currently figuring out the needed ingredients and promptly requests GG's assistance to obtain the information necessary to advance in gameplay. 

The Galaxian Guide enhances gameplay with expert advice, crafting assistance, puzzle solutions, hidden content, personalized support, and real-time assistance. Overcome obstacles, discover new opportunities, and embark on an exciting gaming adventure.

Get ready to level up your gaming experience with the Galaxian Guide! Mark your calendar for June 27th and be among the first to mint your AI MetaChip NFT, gaining exclusive access to an AI-powered companion that will take your gameplay to new heights!