Eternal Legacy | Tokenizing the Death of Three MetaRoyals


The MetaBlaze Universe was shaken by the brazen theft of three revered MetaRoyal NFTs, sending shockwaves through the Galaxy. Yet, the swift response from the MetaBlaze team ensured the stolen NFTs held no further value within the ecosystem, officially marking them as "DEAD" on OpenSea.

  1. Ble-chentcha the Orc
  2. Ziepor the Gnome
  3. Korto the Dwarf

Within this article, we explore how this unparalleled theft forever reshapes the fabric of MetaRoyalian society, igniting the birth of an extraordinary phenomenon where legends transcend mortality.


Melkor the Storyteller and the Power of Creation

When faced with adversity, creatives rise to the challenge, transforming the darkest moments into luminous inspiration. Melkor, the virtuoso of storytelling, weaves a mesmerizing lore tale that delves into the defining last moments of our fallen MetaRoyals, immersing us in a world of enchantment and reflection.

With his artistry, Melkor meticulously crafted a narrative adorned with intricate details and spellbinding twists, transporting readers to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

In Melkor's imaginative realms, storytelling becomes a conduit to navigate life beyond entertainment. It empowers us to seek solace, gain understanding, and embrace transformative beauty, defying the constraints of our existence.


The Royal Guardians NFT Collection

A Heroic Journey Cut Short: These three MetaRoyals, whose names shall forever be etched in the annals of MetaBlaze history, were on a path of greatness. They represented the epitome of bravery, intelligence, compassion, and more. Their journey was abruptly cut short, leaving a forever void in the MetaBlaze Universe.

In honor of the fallen MetaRoyals and to immortalize their unwavering spirit, emerges the Royal Guardians NFT Collection – an extraordinary set of three ultra-rare NFTs. Each NFT bears a distinctive narrative, serving as a ‘Tokenized Death Certificate,’ encapsulating their noble legacy and immortalizing their Royal achievements. This unprecedented event signifies a momentous chapter in Galaxia Blue, destined never to be replicated within our lifetime.

A Last Chance at Royalty: With the Royal Guardians NFT Collection, collectors and enthusiasts are presented with unparalleled opportunities to join the esteemed MetaRoyal club. By acquiring these NFTs, future owners will gain access to exclusive privileges like a membership to the MetaRoyal Telegram group and unlocking all MetaRoyal NFT benefits.

Beyond being mere digital assets, these NFTs symbolize the unwavering spirit, courage, and heroism of the fallen MetaRoyals. As Legends Never Die, the three-of-a-kind Royal Guardian NFTs possess immeasurable value due to their artistic significance, utility, benefits, and deep connection to the MetaBlaze Universe.

Open the doors to the captivating world of MetaRoyalty and unlock the benefits awaiting your arrival:

  • Royalties on secondary sales of all MetaBlaze NFTs
  • Free NFTs through airdrops
  • Early access to new products and game testing
  • Exclusive MetaRoyalian merchandise
  • VIP passes to real-life events

In addition to the inherent perks of owning a MetaRoyal NFT, holders of Royal Guardian NFTs unlock exclusive ‘Death Benefits’ that encompass a unique perk and everlasting game utility:

  • $MBLZ Token Bonus: This one-time bonus will be 25% of the final sale price of the NFT you purchase. The total amount of $MBLZ you receive is calculated using a rate of $0.00015069 per token. For example, if the NFT auction leads to a sale price of $5,000, you will receive a $MBLZ token bonus of 8,295,175 ($1,250.00) into your Launchpad account.
  • Eternal Discount: As long as you own the NFT, enjoy a perpetual 5% discount on all crafting material purchases within the MetaMinez game. This discount utility is transferable to any future owner of the NFT.


NFT Auction

The fallen MetaRoyals, who valiantly lost their lives, will find their eternal resting place in the OpenSea. Through a fair auction, three Royal Guardian NFTs will be bestowed upon deserving owners. Step by step, the auction on OpenSea NFT Marketplace will reveal each NFT, starting with the first, then moving on to the second, and finally, the third, ensuring a fair auction experience for all participants.


Embracing Digital Legacy

In the wake of tragedy, we stand united in the MetaBlaze Universe to honor the three fallen MetaRoyals. The epic saga lives on through the Royal Guardians NFT Collection, preserving their heroic journey in digital immortality. As Legends Never Die, the Royal Guardian NFTs stand as a testament to the eternal strength of courage, sacrifice, and honor.

Prepare to embrace your destiny as a Royal Guardian. Stay tuned for the release. The NFT drop is approaching at light speed. As the auction unfolds, get ready to place your bids and claim a digital legacy.