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Have you ever tried talking about cryptocurrency and web 3 to ‘normal people’, like your friends and family? If you have, you’re probably familiar with these kinds of responses:

‘What can I actually use it for?’ or ‘Why wouldn’t I just use a bank?’ 

For us Web 3 natives, things like self-custody, genuine ownership and privacy protection online are a no-brainer. However, for the general public, these reasons aren’t significant enough to change their habits and take the red pill, joining the Web 3 movement.

Crypto gaming is the secret Trojan Horse waiting to onboard the masses into Web 3. In one of the stealth plays of a generation, mobile NFT games will put a crypto wallet into the pocket of millions of gamers worldwide.

Explosive Mobile App Growth

Mobile Games and apps are, without doubt, the most popular and widespread games on the planet. Why? One word: Accessibility.

In the past, the biggest and most famous games have required powerful hardware to run. State-of-the-art consoles and high-end PCs demanded expensive one-off purchase prices, with individual games compounding the costs. For many would-be gamers, these prohibitive barriers excluded them from playing their favorite titles from the get-go.

In a world where over 80% of the global population has a smartphone with internet access, it’s never been easier to reach millions of users and attract players in droves.

Making games free-to-play is a great way to give players a taste of the games’ potential. Game designers have since learnt that providing value and memorable player experiences first, then monetizing games after with in-app purchases is the new path to success.

Putting an entire game behind an expensive paywall limits your potential audience, leaving less room for consistent and ongoing growth. While console games still have their place in the gaming industry, it’s clear that mobile games allow developers to reach larger audiences faster. 

Web 3 Improves the Gaming Experience

Mobile gaming in its current format is plagued with issues. Namely, in-app purchases don’t provide players with true benefits, aside from temporarily improving a player experience. Yes, players enjoy and advance their position in-game, but their assets, characters and in-game purchases are still in full custody and control of a centralized entity. 

If the game were to fail, or the server was compromised, the value of these purchases would be wiped out leaving players with nothing.

Interoperability is non-existent. Your in-game assets are worthless outside of the app and you have limited control over what you can do with them.

Web 3 flips this outdated model on its head. In crypto gaming, players have complete, verifiable ownership and full control over their in-game NFT assets. What’s more, NFT utility is not limited to simple in-game functions. Some Web 3 game worlds are interoperable, with all kinds of NFT collections co-existing in a growing network of metaverses.

In-game NFTs have a life outside their game world. They can be sold and traded with absolute security and transparency on secondary markets. You can even use them in decentralized finance by taking out an instant loan using your NFTs as collateral.

How Does Web3 Gaming Increase Crypto Adoption? 

Web 3 principles return ownership and value to players. Having custody over in-game assets that provide tangible value across the wider industry will liberate the gaming industry. 

Web 3 gaming will show millions of users worldwide the power and potential of blockchain technology. It will demonstrate the benefits of self-custody and true ownership in a way that is fun and simple to understand. Crypto gaming puts players first and gives them the tools they need to make the most of their player experience. 

After earning tangible rewards and using interoperable and dynamic NFTs across several platforms, why would anyone ever want to go back to traditional gaming, where centralized bodies hold all the power and control over your assets?

The butterfly effect will be immense. Crypto gaming will be the first snowdrift that rolls into an avalanche of global crypto adoption. Mobile first games with Web 3 integrations will transform billions of mobile gamers worldwide into crypto users, with many of them not even fully aware that they’re using blockchain technology. This is what mass adoption looks like.

Extortionate paywalls and expensive barriers to entry will be a thing of the past. The upcoming MetaBlaze gaming experience will introduce our innovative approach to make web 3 gaming available for everyone. 

Our gaming ecosystem will include a play-to-own option that allows new players to get started in the MetaBlaze universe without needing to own any of our iconic NFTs. Players will receive a free NFT to help them get started and advance in Galaxia Blue and upgrade their way to a MetaGoblin NFT. This is how MetaBlaze contributes to further the adoption of cryptocurrency, this is our gateway.

Crypto Gaming - Web 3’s Trojan Horse

Bitcoin planted the seed. Ethereum brought us decentralized finance, NFTs and set the Web 3 revolution in motion. These are tremendous achievements in their own right, but they’re still lacking the spark to set the world alight. 

Crypto Gaming will make it all make sense to the uninitiated. It will make it fun for those who are intrigued about crypto, but unconvinced on its real-world use case. Crypto Gaming will make blockchain technology and the Web 3 movement relevant to billions of people worldwide.

MetaBlaze will be a driving force at the heart of this change. Our series of interlinked, increasingly immersive games are designed to be engaging and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a crypto veteran, anyone can join the MetaBlaze Web 3 ecosystem and benefit from the experience.

Our sustainable rewards system and ever-developing ecosystem will bring lasting worth to the community. With MetaBlaze, we'll be at the forefront of innovation in crypto gaming as this industry heads into its Golden Era - an era where we are prepared to share excellence on a universal level!

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About the author: From the moment he first created a crypto wallet, Finn has been obsessed with Decentralized Finance, NFTs and unearthing the possibilities of the Web3 world. While primarily writing content that demystifies blockchain tech, Finn also works as an advisor for new projects in the space.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice.