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MetaBlaze Brings NFTs to Life with Storytelling, Games, and More!

During the NFT Craze, entertainers, artists, creators, brands, and studios competed to capture the market share, adopt the technology, and build a legacy.

This, in turn, introduced new perspectives to different genres, like the introduction of Play to Earn P2E games through GameFi, an eco-friendlier fashion industry thanks to digital fashion, and an equal opportunity for both established and independent creators.

NFTs introduced novel mechanisms to various industries, proving that there’s more to NFTs than just a few lines of code living on a blockchain network for everyone to see.

It ushered in an era of digital ownership and reward mechanisms that brands and games integrated to create more valuable connections with their userbases by introducing value at both ends of the deal.

The Aftermath

Before the introduction of the internet, social media, and digital marketing, brands lacked in making deeper connections with their loyal customers. This was when brands focused on being pioneers or first-movers to capture a large portion of the market and generate lots of revenue.

However, the dynamic has changed ever since the digitization of brand-consumer relationships.

Today, relationships and connections matter. Everyone has an equal playing ground and opportunity to compete in making meaningful connections through a screen with people who have increasingly short attention spans.

During the NFT Craze, NFTs were given a bad rep.

With their astronomical numbers in the digital art realm, such as the infamous $69 million Beeple deal and the sale of pixelated characters called ‘Crypto Punks’ for millions of dollars, NFTs quickly became synonymous with digital art, fading the real use-case and utility that it could provide for brands and consumers.

Billions of dollars were generated month-on-month at a time when any project could generate a lot of revenue. The brand-consumer dynamic faded out, and the market was filled with greed and projects rushing to capture a large portion of the market to generate lots of revenue.

The fear-induced herd mentality of brands and consumers trying to make a quick buck resulted in an overly saturated market, artificially inflated by temporary demand.

The NFT craze transformed NFTs into investment vehicles instead of a utility-driven medium that benefited both consumers and brands. The space was quickly infiltrated with meaningless projects, scams, and collections.

However, once the NFT craze came to an end, the bull market vanished, and the bear market took over; the noise quickly dropped. Projects failed to survive the inevitable crash that the bear market brought with itself.

NFTs and the mention of NFTs quickly disappeared, and one could say they went extinct.

The NFT Renaissance

With the dust settled from the bear market and the NFT Craze nowhere to be seen, brands and projects took the time to promote a healthier and stronger ecosystem.

Projects with great fundamentals, such as self-sustaining reward mechanisms, meaningful collections, and a narrative, survived the hits thrown by the market.

Projects that didn’t have good fundamentals didn’t see the light of day.

Fundamentally, NFTs were introduced to rethink digital ownership and generate real-world value by employing a relative value, which in this case, is done by blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies.

NFTs enabled the tokenization of anything, whether it was imaginary or real, by representing it on a blockchain, giving it a relative value, and making it available for everyone to see on a distributed ledger.

The ability to tokenize brand-consumer relationships and employ reward mechanisms allowed NFTs to re-revolutionize games, collections, and brands, once the noise from the NFT boom was gone.

NFTs were once again used to strengthen the consumer-brand dynamic by allowing brands to improve their connections with consumers by rewarding them for their loyalty as well as generating value for their brands.

P2E games started rewarding their consumers by allowing players to generate value from playing their game, allowing them to roam freely with their achievements by preserving their value.

Subsequently, P2E games generated value for their game by gaining a loyal player base.

Fashion and lifestyle brands strengthened consumer relations by redefining digital ownership, making consumers feel exclusive and valued through their limited collections coupled with real-life value and perks.

After studying successful NFT projects, it is reasonable to infer that NFTs aren’t what they once used to be, and what was successful in the bull market isn’t going to be successful in the long run.

Ultimately, brands utilizing NFTs need to create a rewarding ecosystem where consumers feel valued through exclusivity, freedom, and perks.

MetaBlaze: Adding Real Value to Web 3.0 With Dynamic NFTs and Ecosystem Integration

MetaBlaze, an interstellar P2E gaming platform, is committed to being a part of the NFT Renaissance, where projects are redefining brand-consumer dynamics, introducing sustainable reward ecosystems, and maintaining consumer loyalty with meaningful connections.

At MetaBlaze, we understand the value of a community. Considering how hard it is to stand out in a lot of noise, we’re motivated to make a mark by being different.

Fundamentally, MetaBlaze aspires to utilize social integration and establish a platform where people can socialize, play games, and connect under one platform.

Social integration is indeed one of the facets of our commitment to differentiate ourselves from other projects and catalyze the adoption of Web 3.0.

We’re determined to bring value and mass adoption to Web 3.0 by lessening barriers to entry, social integration and uniting people under one platform with a constantly expanding line-up of immersive products such as interoperable free-to-play and P2E games with user-centric utility and maximum immersion through visuals, story, and mechanics.

Redefining Game Immersion with Dynamic NFTs

Gamers emphasize immersion more than real-world value. So, what makes a game immersive?

Great mechanics, a good story, and sometimes cutting-edge visuals. After looking at some of the top games on different platforms, almost every leading game has a combination of either one of those features.

Other traits like the ability to play co-op and cross-platform interoperability also make games more immersive.

Gamers value experience. And to provide a good experience, MetaBlaze stays committed to providing unparalleled utility, aesthetic appeal, and a reason to play to its gamers.

To stand out in the 2D-isometric dominated Play to Earn P2E gaming space, MetaBlaze enhances its users’ immersion with a narrative-first metaverse inspired by elements such as Sci-fi, fiction, lore, and more.

In addition, MetaBlaze strives to establish a continually developing, inventive, and futuristic gaming environment through an engaging series of interoperable NFT-powered games that are constantly evolving.

MetaBlaze introduces a Dynamic NFT collection that increases in utility as MetaBlaze introduces more games. Adding games into the MetaBlaze ecosystem provides more ways for the NFT collections to be used.

Player progression and utility is our main priority.

Through dynamic NFTs and a constantly evolving ecosystem, we want to give players enough progress to continue exploring Galaxia Blue and level up through completing missions, gaining rewards, making alliances, winning wars, and establishing empires.

Moreover, by captivating players’ attention with consistent storytelling and incorporating the interstellar storyline into all aspects of the game, be it artwork, collections, or the UI, we plan to maximize player immersion by giving them a reason to keep playing.

MetaGoblins: MetaBlaze’s Newest Addition

As part of MetaBlaze’s constantly evolving ecosystem, and after finding success with our first NFT collection, MetaRoyals, we’re bringing out MetaGoblins to Galaxia Blue. MetaGoblins are uniquely generated and provably rare lifelike Goblins generated from over 398 hand-drawn features.

With a total supply of 10,000 unique characters, each MetaGoblin comes with its set of traits, abilities, and powers, which players can test out in our games.

The Minting of MetaGoblin NFTs is live via our Blaziverse dApp and the NFTs are trading OpenSea, and Rarible, and since October 15th. The NFT collection will be ready to play in MetaMinez, our first NFT game.

However, as we launch more games, MetaGoblins will be given more utility in upcoming games, including additional perks such as exclusive access to events, unlockable content, airdrops, and more.

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