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If you’ve been in crypto for a while, performing simple actions like swapping tokens and playing NFT games seems easy. It feels like second nature, and we do them without thinking.

Now look back. Do you remember being an absolute newbie? Creating a new wallet and trying to connect to random, potentially dangerous sites was a nightmare. A lot of crypto sites are hidden and completely unusable until you connect your wallet, which can make it cumbersome and difficult to learn about new projects or browse their dApp.

At MetaBlaze, we’ve always envisioned being champions of crypto adoption and onboarding millions of new users to Web 3. We want to make the MetaBlaze experience as frictionless as possible. As the homebase of operations, we’re improving the Blaziverse dApp to be more accessible and convenient, lowering the barrier to entry into our dynamic and enthralling universe.

So, what’s changing? How is the Blaziverse being redeployed to focus on making venturing into Galaxia Blue as seamless and welcoming as it can be?

No Wallet? No Problem!

There’s nothing worse than hearing about an exciting and innovative new crypto protocol but being unable to explore their apps and website without first connecting your wallet. For a lot of people, this is enough to make them tell themselves “I’ll check this out later”, before it vanishes from their mind forever. 

Attention is a priceless resource in this industry. We want the Blaziverse dApp, our central portal and thriving hub of Galaxia Blue, to demonstrate the depth, nuance and magnitude of our ecosystem regardless of whether or not visitors have a crypto wallet.

Even without a wallet, users can delve into the profound mysteries and captivating archives of Galaxia Blue lore. Our expansive worldbuilding and storytelling will be on full display, with extensive records of the planets, factions, cultures and chronicles of the MetaBlaze universe. We’ll also be releasing exclusive material, like upcoming sneak peaks, game previews and animated content. 

The Blaziverse Marketplace will also be available to trawl through players’ wares and secure valuable items. Who knows, maybe even the right amount of SPES Petals or one of Vysre’s more potent concoctions could score you a dinner with Dryden 👀.

It’s important to note that any on-chain interactions and activity via the Blaziverse dApp will require a compatible wallet. This includes minting new MetaBlaze NFTs, diving into the BlazeVault and playing our immersive NFT games.

Carve Out Your Identity in Galaxia Blue

Empowering players to forge their own destiny in Galaxia Blue has always been a cornerstone of the MetaBlaze experience. We want to reflect this vision in every aspect of our platform, that’s why we’ve made it possible to create your Blaziverse Avatar and profile directly using your on-chain NFTs. Character specific details, like their name, species and virtues will be on display for all Blaziverse inhabitants to see. In time, your profile will be fully integrated into the game world, providing a fluid and immersive ecosystem.

On the path to frictionless onboarding, the updated Blaziverse dApp goes yet one step further. Users can create an account using their Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter accounts to join the Blaziverse in just a few clicks. 

The MetaBlaze veterans, who stand alongside us through anything, and our earliest supporters who joined our $MBLZ presale will be able to connect their existing launchpad accounts to their Blaziverse profile. This will allow them to easily track their tokens and transactions in one place.

Simplifying Global Adoption 

These changes mark a turning point for crypto gaming and web3. For years, blockchain companies have tried to entice the masses to the crypto world without recognizing that complicated, wallet-gated dApps and sites do nothing but repel new users.

At MetaBlaze, we know that true progress comes from going against the grain and finding creative solutions to outstanding problems, like our recent announcement to migrate to Polygon. When it comes to onboarding millions, it’s imperative to provide them with the path of least resistance and showcase the best of what our industry has to offer.

It all starts in the Blaziverse.

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About the author: From the moment he first created a crypto wallet, Finn has been obsessed with Decentralized Finance, NFTs and unearthing the possibilities of the Web3 world. While primarily writing content that demystifies blockchain tech, Finn also works as an advisor for new projects in the space.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial or other advice.