MetaGoblin Revolution: Three Kings Demand a New World Order


A revolution is sweeping through the MetaBlaze Universe, driven by the MetaGoblin Kings of Glozark. Their demand for a new world order proposed a significant price drop of MetaGoblin NFTs to 0.09 ETH. Exciting news for presale MetaGoblin owners, as they will receive an airdrop of one MetaGoblin for each one purchased. So, keep an eye out for the upcoming airdrop. Continue reading for the full scoop. 


A New World Order by the Three Kings of Glozark

A revolution is underway in the vastness of the MetaBlaze Universe. The MetaGoblin Kings of Glozark have made their presence known, descending upon us with a demand that has echoed across the Galaxy. This article discusses the results of the cosmic orders and announces an upcoming airdrop for loyal MetaGoblin owners who purchased MetaGoblin NFTs during the presale.

Amidst a tumultuous NFT market, where hope flickers like a distant star, the MetaGoblin Kings have commanded a celestial shift, demanding a new world order for the Goblins of Glozark. Their declaration resonates with strength and determination as they have ordered a reduction of the MetaGoblin NFT Mint price to 0.09 ETH each.

The realms of Galaxia Blue tremble at this game-changing development as the MetaGoblins become more accessible to seekers of the cosmic adventures awaiting in the MetaBlaze Universe.


Three MetaGoblins Kings Convene to discuss a New World Order for the MetaGoblin people.
MetaGoblin Kings Convene to Discuss a New World Order


A Unified Quest

United by design, the visionary team behind MetaBlaze has wholeheartedly embraced the Kings' demands. Their unwavering commitment to reshaping the fabric of Galaxia Blue has sparked a collective quest. With newfound purpose and determination, they set out to unleash the full potential of the MetaGoblin revolution.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who purchased MetaGoblins during the presale. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated, and we've agreed with the Three MetaGoblin Kings to airdrop one MetaGoblin for every presale MetaGoblin that you purchased. Bought 10 MG’s during presale? Expect an airdrop of 10 more!

Fear not; our enchanting developers wielded their galactic wizardry, capturing every buyer's wallet address from the MetaGoblin presale. Be on the lookout for the upcoming airdrop as the MetaGoblins prepare to depart from Planet Glozark – and journey straight into your wallets.


MetaGoblin Mix
MetaGoblins Preparing for the Airdrop


Market Alignment with the Current NFT Landscape

In our quest to build a vibrant virtual landscape in Web3, we understand the importance of adapting to market conditions. With the market's ever-shifting currents, we aim to make the MetaBlaze Universe accessible to everyone without compromising its exclusivity. We are prioritizing inclusivity and ensuring that it is seamlessly integrated into the very fabrics of our collaborative virtual space.

The MetaGoblin price reduction seeks to usher in a new era of inclusivity, opening doors for aspiring players and new community members. Holding a MetaGoblin NFT is crucial to playing the Craft-to-Earn game of Metaminez. With this strategic price adjustment, we are minimizing barriers to entry and paving the way for more individuals to join our ever-growing galactic society.

This sentiment is further reinforced through the upcoming new release of the low-cost Goblineer NFTs, which will showcase a progressive and innovative approach in crypto gaming. However, it must be noted that Goblineers are less advanced than their formidable counterparts. Further details on this will be formally announced at a later time.

See You in the Depths of Galaxia Blue!