Build your legacy. Decrypt the secrets to success. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and interoperable gaming universe where crafting and enigmatic problem-solving hold the key to unparalleled achievements. Forge your path as a galactic hero and earn digital assets. Craft. Solve. Earn.

At the end of the Great War, the MetaGoblins of Glozark found themselves at the precipice of destruction. Having expended all of their resources in service of the MetaRoyals and their crusade to combat rebellion and terror throughout Galaxia Blue, planet Glozark now laid in ruin, a ruined shade of its former self.

With their annihilation all but assured, the three MetaGoblin King's desperately looked to the MetaRoyals for aid. The MetaRoyals divulged knowledge of a distant moon, dubbed 'SES,' wherein lay an abundance of the MetaGoblin's most coveted resource: Terranzinite.

Challenging to mine and even more difficult to process, the MetaRoyals bargained with the MetaGoblin King, 'Klep-Tu.' In exchange for transportation and supplies, the MetaGoblins were to establish a foothold on the unstable moon and begin excavation procedures at once. In exchange, the MetaGoblins agreed to share a portion of their bounty with the MetaRoyal species.


In MetaMinez, Players will "excavate" treacherous landscapes on the SES Moon in search of various crafting materials, crystals, and Rewards. As the Player collects and builds their inventory within their 'BlazeVault,' they will combine their material to create wondrous objects, buildings, vehicles, weapons (and so much more!) that will be utilized throughout the MetaBlaze Universe.

Players will be challenged to discover and learn new crafting blueprints and unlock technologies from existing (and extinct) civilizations. As Players advance deeper into the MetaMinez, they will find more complex materials and, by extension, more advanced crafted objects.

Many of these crafting materials and crafted objects will be tradeable via our Marketplace, though some crafted items will be exclusively locked to each Player's account.

Grab your pick-axes, drills, and chisels, and unlock the mysteries of the SES Moon in MetaMinez!
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Galaxia Blue: A Story-driven Escape Room Game Where Players Solve to Earn.

It began as a whisper in the corner of the Galaxy. The Great War had ended. As the people's of Galaxia Blue worked to rebuild their lives and re-discover normalcy, one burning question continued to gnaw at the center of their thoughts.

Who - or what - caused 'The Great War' ?

Some blamed the Dissenters, those that bucked against the MetaRoyalian system of taxation and governance known as 'MRGET.' Others blamed poor macroeconomic conditions, strained supply chains, and fierce competition for goods and essential services.

Some blamed the MetaRoyals themselves.

Embark on a journey to discover the true Villain of Galaxia Blue - the shadowy and mysterious figure at the center of the largest atrocity in the Galaxy's history.

In 'Galaxia Blue', Players will work to unravel the mystery surrounding the origins of The Great War by solving puzzles in Escape Room type environments. Players must bring their 'Crafted Objects' (crafted in 'MetaMinez') and utilize them to complete each game level. Use Crafted Objects to fix broken machines, reveal hidden messages, break open locked chests, blow open sealed doors, and even see into the past.

Each Level will present new, increasingly complex challenges to conquer. As you advance, the story will deepen, the rewards will get bigger and better, and the crafted objects needed to advance will become more complex. Be sure to come with a fully stocked BlazeVault filled with your Crafted Objects - or you may find yourself heading back to MetaMinez to find the precious crafting material needed to craft that last piece of a puzzle! Will you make it out alive and discover the culprit at the center of Galaxia Blue?

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