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MetaBlaze Token ($MBLZ) is the native cryptocurrency of Galaxia Blue & Beyond.


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MetaBlaze is where blockchain and AI technologies interweave to create immersive entertainment experiences through gaming, storytelling, and digital assets.

At the core of this universe lies the utility-driven MetaBlaze token ($MBLZ), the native currency of Galaxia Blue and beyond!

$MBLZ is the backbone of our interconnected ecosystem, used for crafting in-game assets, trading with peers, and as a reference currency in the marketplace for intergalactic trade.

Seamlessly exchange value in the digital frontier with $MBLZ Token, driving the economy and fueling innovation within the immersive MetaBlaze Universe.

Digital Currency, Crafted for the MetaBlaze Universe.

As the MetaBlaze ecosystem evolves, $MBLZ will continue to increase its wide range of utilities, ensuring its adaptability in the ever-changing Web3 gaming landscape and serving as a sustainable means to bring more value to players and community members alike.

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$MBLZ: Game Ready, Certified by Certik.