MetaBlaze NFT


The AI MetaChip is a digital asset that empowers GG, the all-knowing AI companion, your Galaxian Guide. This integration combines AI, blockchain, and gaming to create a powerful synergy to enhance your gameplay experience.

Metaroyal nfts

The MetaRoyal NFT Collection stands as a beacon of power and prestige. These 200 NFTs are the pinnacle of technological, militaristic, and economic prowess in all of Galaxia Blue.The MetaRoyals are comprised of four races -Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Orcs, and they dwell on Planet Terra on the 5th Arm of the Galaxy.

Their society is complex, with many facets and systems put in place to help maintain control over the plethora of star systems throughout Galaxia Blue.Only a select few will have the privilege to hold a MetaRoyal NFT.

The sold-out series of MetaRoyal NFT was released in October of 2022 and comprises only 200 NFTs -hyper-limited to only 50 of each species. These exclusive NFTs can only be obtained on OpenSea and other select platforms, where they are traded and collected by a community of elite collectors and enthusiasts.In the MetaBlaze Universe, MetaRoyal NFT holders earn a 10% royalty based upon secondary sales of all MetaBlaze NFTs.

Additionally, MetaRoyals are playable characters in the upcoming game, 'Galaxia Blue,' a galactic escape game involving crafting and problem-solving at its core. If you manage to get your hands on a MetaRoyal, you'll never want to let it out of your NFT collection.



Long before the Goblin people settled on Glozark on the inner rim of the 3rd Arm of Galaxia Blue, they began their journey on a violently unstable planet named Gloza, located on the outskirts of the 2nd Arm of the Galaxy.

After making contact with an advanced race of beings dwelling on Planet Rofar, the Goblins migrated their entire race to a new home, Planet Glozark. They established the class of the MetaGoblin, a three-tier meritocracy with mantles reserved only for Goblins that truly embodied the 'Goblin Tenets'.

Each tier represents a more prestigious and rare rank, beginning with the Mystical Class (8,897), followed by the Epic Class (1,000), and finally - the Legendary MetaGoblin Class (100). The MetaGoblins answer to the Three MetaGoblin Kings. Altogether, the MetaGoblin Society is always maintained at 10,000 participants.

The MetaGoblins ranked among the most successful and prosperous races across Galaxia Blue - until The Great War ravaged their ranks, wealth, and spirits.

All was lost until the MetaRoyals came along and offered their assistance in the form of a bargain. The MetaGoblins were shown a map of the Galaxy and, upon it, a distant moon dubbed 'SES.' Within this moon rested the MetaGoblin's most coveted and precious resource - Terranzinite. In exchange for transportation and basic supplies, the MetaGoblins agreed to excavate the moon and send a portion of their bounty home.

We catch up with the MetaGoblins and their adventures on the SES Moon in 'MetaMinez,' where players put their MetaGoblin NFTs to work to discover the riches hidden with its mines. The MetaGoblin NFT Series was released by MetaBlaze in October of 2022 - and is currently available to mint in the Blaziverse dApp or trade on OpenSea.

The MetaGoblin NFT collection boasts 10,000 unique NFTs categorized into four rare types: Mystical, Epic, Legendary, and King's. Get ready to deploy your MetaGoblins into the MetaMinez.